Been Fun So Far

It’s been a lot of fun so far. We’ve been hanging out with my friends’ family for a few days here in Sarasota. Man, they have a huge freaking house!!! I didn’t realize how rich they are. These houses in their neighborhood are crazy fancy and expensive. They don’t actually live in Sarasota. They live […]

Change of Plans (a cool change)

Well, this was a really cool surprise. A buddy of mine from school (Vince) called me up yesterday and asked if he could come along on this little jaunt. Totally stoked. And what’s even cooler, I’m flying down to meet up with him in Tampa. Well, actually just south of Tampa in a town called […]

About To Peace OUT

I’m going to be heading out this week. I’m pumped! But there’s still a few errands to take care of. Nothing crazy, just the normal stuff. My parents have been surprisingly cool about this trip. Obviously I’ve never done anything like this. The furthest that i’ve ever traveled was to D.C. for a school trip. […]

What’s Up!

Here’s my first post. I just finished with school this summer. I’ve been accepted into graduate school in January. But I’ve also got my uncle who says I’ve got a job with him. So I’m really not sure? What would you do? I guess since I’m not sure, not married or engaged and have no […]