Change of Plans (a cool change)

Well, this was a really cool surprise. A buddy of mine from school (Vince) called me up yesterday and asked if he could come along on this little jaunt. Totally stoked. And what’s even cooler, I’m flying down to meet up with him in Tampa. Well, actually just south of Tampa in a town called Sarasota. So instead of starting off from Kansas we’re going to start in Florida . . . yeah, I’ll take it 🙂

So this is turning out to be really cool. I’m going to fly down to meet up with him. We’re going to hang out there in Sarasota for a while. He’s telling me that they have the world’s most beautiful beach (yes, like literally the world’s most beautiful beach) and more than a few beautiful women 😉

And here’s where it gets really sweet. So . . . his Dad owns a towing/impound company, I think it’s called SRQ Towing. So anyways, key in on the impound part. It turns out that means he has extra cars laying around – well, cars don’t actually lay there. (But you know what I mean). And he’s going to let us take a car on our trip. This just keeps getting better and better. Not only am I going on a road trip; I’m going with my buddy and his Dad is supplying the wheels. Sweeeeet!

Well, I’m flying out on Saturday morning and we’re going to get this party started! Peace!

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