Been Fun So Far

It’s been a lot of fun so far. We’ve been hanging out with my friends’ family for a few days here in Sarasota.

Man, they have a huge freaking house!!! I didn’t realize how rich they are. These houses in their neighborhood are crazy fancy and expensive. They don’t actually live in Sarasota. They live on Bird Key. It’s like most of the people who live here have houses in other places. I still can’t get over house nice these houses are. I think the smaller, less expensive homes are still 1 million plus. Here’s a pic of their house. See for yourself.


See what I’m saying. Crazy, right? Here’s what’s really crazy about that . . . they have earned that house/money by repairing other houses. They own a house renovation and construction company. For example, my buddy’s Dad was telling me how much of their business comes from things as small or minor as gutter cleaning and repair. It’s wild to me. And kinda makes me want to go into that industry.

But anyways, we’re going to keep hanging out here for a couple more days. I think we’re going to the Florida Gators game on Saturday. So that should be fun. Peace out.

Thanks so much to our friends at Sarasota Custom Cabinet Makers!

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